Train Room – Irish Band Of The Week

Train Room - Irish Band Of The Week

Train Room - Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the the week is Train Room – the creation of singer, songwriter, and producer Joe Monaghan. Debuting at the 2016 Hard Working Class Heroes festival with their debut EP, Delicate Bones, proved to be an immense success with their distinctive sound and the way in which they weave influences like Kate Bush, Neil Young and Nina Simone into their music. It’s Joe’s own personal experience that gives this music such energy, having spent almost eight years recording demos, curating his sound and focusing on finding something intricate and unique within his music.

Train Room has a quite, tempered brilliance to it – the vocals demonstrate a wondrous honing of an entrancing voice, whilst the musical arrangements display a perfectionist’s touch – highlighting Monaghan’s determination and dedication to his band. Tracks like ‘Grace’ display a clear sense of minimalism but one that works with thanks to the deft touch when combining electric guitar and backing vocals from Catherine Maguire. The song has a haunting quality to it with a slow, burning quality to it. Similarly, ‘Delicate Bones’ utilises more minimalist elements to it, it is most definite that this EP is a reflection of Monaghan’s sheer dedication to his craft, focusing immense energy on create a perfect musical narrative.

Train Room have already played a string of gigs this month and have several more planned for the coming month, including Whelan’s on 28 May.

Full tour dates:

8 May 17 – Crane Lane, Cork
18 May 17 – Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar
19 May 17 – Monroes, Galway
20 May 17 – Chez le Fab – Limerick
25 May 17 – Spirit Store, Dundalk
27 May 17 – Live on Air Festival
28 May 17 – Whelan’s -Dublin

Until then, you can check out their single ‘Horizons’.


Elaine McDonald

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